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Collette King
November 07, 2017

Podcast: Why do professional relationships matter?

If you know anything about Acenna, then you know our company was started almost 4 years ago when our co-founders were freshmen at Tufts. As six recent graduates, we spend a lot of time thinking about the types of relationships we share with each other, our future colleagues, with mentors, peers, and with our customers.

Ethan Kopit and I have decided to share our thoughts and conversations about how we believe everyone, including businesses, benefit when people build better professional relationships. 

We've now been full-time for about 5 months (since June 2017) but there's no way we would have survived the summer, or even been able to go full-time without the advice of some amazing professionals, so we'll be bringing in guests to share their ideas as well. 


Let us know what you think and share with your friends if you like it! We're working on getting up on itunes, but for now here's the link to our first episode on SoundCloud. 



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