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Ethan Kopit
October 31, 2017

What Spooks You in 2018?

Happy Halloween! In honor of the holiday, we decided to speak to two sales leaders about what they're spooked about in 2018.


The first is Scott McMenemy, the Northeast Regional Manager for Nexcelom Bioscience. We also spoke to Brad Callow, Director of Strategic Accounts at iSpecimen. Both are local to the Greater Boston Area - read their fears!

So, what are they spooked about in 2018?


Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 12.08.08 PM.png

Scott McMenemy
For me, there is always the timeless concern of competitors. I always have a healthy fear of the competition. What if the competition really nails it?

I'm never concerned about customer service or customer experience - we'll always win on that. I think customer experience is a big part of what differentiates us. 


But I can't control the competition.


That's why I'm always asking questions. For example, a big one is "What experiment do you need to run, but you can't run right now?" I do my best to record that information and pass it along to our R&D folks.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 1.14.20 PM.png

Brad Callow
I think there are always concerns about a pullback in funding for clinical research, which can be dependent on public sentiment or market conditions.

Whether it is through decreased NIH budgets, a lack of private capital raised in early stage research companies, or less available capital for biotechs through the public markets - it's something we're always keeping an eye on.


With that said, however, given the amount of available funding sources available right now, we are very optimistic about next year and our ability to assist with clinical research.

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