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Collette King
November 01, 2017

Everyone in Sales is Overwhelmed

In a recent survey of life science sales professionals, we discovered that 38% of salespeople were overwhelmed by the amount of communication that they were responsible for. As my teammate Ethan explored what kinds of communication was overwhelming, we were struck by how central this issue was to sales productivity. 


Any salesperson would tell you that they don't spend enough time talking to prospects and customers, but when you ask them what their ideal day looks like, time spent talking to customers rarely jumps above 50%. Salespeople recognize that they've become project co-ordinators in additon to salespeople. At life science companies, there are so many departments that need to touch a sale in order for it close, i.e. support, technical sales specialist, etc. 


Understanding what these interactions are is critical to increasing sales productivity. Each interaction is necessary for each deal. When a salesperson's workload is full, they can't just skip a step or two across all of their opportunities to make room for another one.


To increase the number of opportunities a salesperson can manage, we either need to reduce internal expectations, pass off parts of process to an inside sales team or automate certain interactions. It doesn't need to be the salesperson handling each interaction, the interaction just needs to be handled.


Take a look and ask yourself at what parts of the process could be passed off or automated. 



For a bigger version of the infograph, click here

final-interacti_25675381 (2).png


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